RT - tyshlertrainer

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It is necessary not just to train more, but to train more extensively particular training components. And to train them more than others. That is to say that it’s necessary to increase the specialisation of particular motor reactions development.
This trainer allows a practical staging of situations we encounter in a normal course of a bout or during individual lesson. But most importantly is that all these exercises are aimed at creating stability of technique which the athlete has developed with his coach. Whichever level of technique achieved in a training session, it can be transferred to a bout. And this is the most difficult aspect in the fencer’s training.
This trainer is useful during the training of motor reactions in group sessions, as well as individually. It may also be used during footwork training and during target practice. At the same time some tactical directions may be included.

8 programs, 4 speeds, rechargeable battery, remote control
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