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General fitness is only the first step in getting in shape for a good level of fencing fitness, so do not waste your time going to the gym! Specialists in all kinds of sports long ago realized that sport specific training and fitness development is the most efficient way for athletes to train.
The importance of motor reaction training has been scientifically proved in astronauts, pilots and other skills based professions as well as in the preparation of high performance athletes in all kinds of sport.
The Tyshler Training Device (TTD) has eight different training programs – which could be used to generate an infinity of fencing exercises in addition to the ones listed in this instruction manual (more to come). The device is programmed to generate different sounds and signals to train simple motor reactions, choice reactions (choice between two possible actions), switching reactions (switching from a chosen action to a different one), anticipation of distance, footwork and much more besides!!
Everyone knows that to achieve good results in sport, or indeed in any endeavor, requires commitment and a regular schedule and training a few times a day and five days per week. The difficulty is how to combine this training time with your work and personal life – a problem now made much easier with the TTD  – which simulates fencing bouts, individual lessons with your coach and help you with the footwork training. Repetition and focused isolated training of the most frequent and effective actions and movements used during a fencing bout or lesson, creates new possibilities for fencers to improve not only their technical proficiency, but also their speed, accuracy with the point, reactions and decision making times that one has to solve during a bout.
The TTD bout simulator was created in order to help fencers of all levels in their training and development of fencing techniques and fitness. This small, portable training device, simply attached to your wrist, can be used anywhere – the fencing hall, your gym and even on the beach! In addition to honing your fencing fitness, it will aid towards your general fitness regime, especially those times when work and family life compound, it is impossible to steal even a few hours to fence.

1. Switch on the device. “On – Off” switch is on the right side of the device.
2. Device will automatically be ready for the first mode. Number one light will blink.
3. Using the “Program” button you can choose desired training mode.
4. When you are ready for the training, push “ start “ button.  Device will “ ring “ indicating that you should take up initial position, second “ring” – the end of the exercise.
5. Before the first training get familiar with the device signals.  Switch on the device, choose the program number “eight” and listen to the signals: “high tone signal”, “low tone signal ”,  “double signal”.

The device can be mounted on the wrist, on the belt; you can use a mobile phone lanyard to hang it around your neck. You can cut excess strap with the scissors.
Practice the exercises with the weapon and with the target or just imitating the movements of the weapon.
The practice target can be made from combination of the hard foam and the piece carpet. Sabre fencers can use for the target their mask. Just hang it on the wall with the help of the door handle.
Focus your attention on signal of a training device and start execution as soon as possible. Please use correct techniques, position of the beginning of the exercise and fix the final position.  After you are comfortable with the exercises, try to hit the middle of the marked target and count your misses.
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